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情報セキュリティ強化のため、当面の間、新規に会員登録をご希望される方は、info★ (★→@) までご連絡をいただけますと幸いです。ご記入いただいた個人情報は、個人情報保護方針に従い、事務局で厳正に管理・保護します。




一般 7, 000円

​学生 3, 000円






口座番号  00900-7-328018

加入者名  JAHSS (※加入者名は学会の日本語名称ではなく、英語名称の省略形になっています。)

②クレジットカードでの振り込み:下記ボタンよりクレジットカード(Visa、Mastercard、American Express、JCB)で支払いいただくことも可能です。領収書は登録されたメールアドレスに送信されます。

アンカー 1


Membership Registration

For the time being, please contact us (info★ ※★→@) for new membership regisration, due to the security update.

Login to Members Page


The profile is accessible only by using the registered e-mail address and password. The past record of membership fee payment is also displayed in this page. It will take about one month until the latest payment status is reflected.

Annual Membership Fee (From April 1 to March 31 of the following year)


Regular fee ¥7,000

Student fee ¥3,000

(The category of overseas members was abolished as of March 31, 2017. Those living overseas are required to apply for either regular or student membership.)


You can pay for the annual membership fee via (1) Postal Money Transfer or (2) Credit Card Payment.


(1) Postal Money Transfer: Remit the annual membership fee at a nearby Post Office. Postal Money Transfer is a convenient way of domestic money transmission. The form is available at all Post Offices in Japan. Please keep your slip.


Account Number: 00900-7-328018

Name of the Account: JAHSS

(2) Credit Card Payment: you can also pay the annual membership fee with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB) on the below green button. Please fill in the following information in order: your email address, first name, last name, and country (telephone number is optional).

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