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Author's Guideline:


File: Word File

Font: Times Roman


Font size:

main text - 10.5

footnote - 9


(New) The length of a manuscript: 5000 to 7000 words for the original essay (not counting 250 word for abstract), 
and 1500 to 2500 words for a review essay.


(New) It is imperative that the author consult with a native English user to check if there are any grammatical mistakes and/or un-English expressions in the text before submitting the manuscript.


The front page should include:


a) Title(and subtitle)
b) Name(s) of author(s)
c) Affiliation(s) of author(s)
d) Abstract (200 to 250 words)
e) 5 key terms


For referencing, please refer to the Referencing Guideline
A note on the referencing system: We employ a double-tracking system where we rely on a shorthand citation in the footnotes and the fully annotated and alphabetically ordered listing in the Reference at the end of the manuscript.


The submitted manuscript is considered "accepted for publication" when two positive evaluations (with and/or without "suggestions for revision") are secured.


Deadlines for the submission of the manuscript are January 15 and June 30.

Contact: sekiya[@] for the journal-related matters

Journal of

Human Security Studies

ISSN: 2432-1427

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 Author's Guideline

 Referencing Guideline

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