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JAHSS Call to Meet the Challenges of the Pandemic (10 April 2020)


Yusuke Dan
JAHSS President

Japan Association for Human Security Studies (JAHSS) wishes to voice the determination of its members to support all individuals, organizations, and governments in their conscientious endeavor to contain the impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We as an academic association focusing on the study of human security feel especially obliged to rise to the challenge. This virus, which is invisible to the human eye, is crossing borders unnoticed. It is viciously compromising the personal security of each and every human on a global scale which has rarely been seen in the recent past. 


We know that the financially disadvantaged, as well as those fragile individuals in society, promptly face the issue of survival in countries and areas where the public safety net is scant or non-existent. This includes a large segment of the populations in both developing and developed nations. Currently the virus seems to be ravaging mainly the developed world, which soon is bound to wreak havoc in the rest of the developing world. Individuals living under weaker public health systems tend to be far more vulnerable to such a pandemic as this. We are yet to witness what may lie ahead.


We also recognize that, under such critical circumstances, the public health sector personnel need our primary attention and support so that they can safely do their work, namely, save the lives of those who can be saved. We depend on the medical community to sustain the human security of individuals in pain. In this context, we as a multi-disciplinary academic association emphasize the significance of a dynamic, two-way risk communication between scientists and citizens.


Freedom from fear and want, along with the promotion of dignity, are the pillars of human security values. These values are all ever so relevant in this critical moment when healthy individuals, young and old, lose their lives so suddenly and prematurely in huge numbers. This is unthinkable in a time of peace. Given the magnitude and depth of the global human catastrophe unraveling in front of our eyes, we deem that this is not only an issue of public health or national security, but indeed an issue of human security.


If academicians and practitioners keen to address human security related issues turned their back to what is developing on this globe today simply because they are not epidemiologists, then they would shamelessly be declaring to the world that the study and expertise in human security does not contribute to the wellbeing of humankind. At a time when governments are forced to close their state borders, let us, as a global academic community, strengthen our efforts to collaborate worldwide with individuals and organizations to overcome this global crisis.

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