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2019 Annual Conference, University of Tokyo

The Joint International Conference of the Japan Society for International Development (JASID) and the Japan Association for Human Security Studies (JAHSS) will be held at the University of Tokyo, Komaba I Campus. We look forward to your participation.

Application and Submission page on our website is now open. Please follow the instruction on the page and the following contents.

Application and Submission at JASID&JAHSS Joint International Conference

1. Presentation Sessions (1. Regular, 2. Thematic, 3. Roundtable, 4. Side Event) and Format

The conference presentation sessions include (1) Regular Session, (2) Thematic Session, and (3) Roundtable Session, and (4) Side Event The difference between the sessions is based on the presentation format, not the quality.

Please note that multiple presentations are not allowed at the conference. All the members of JASID or JAHSS are entitled to make only one presentation in one conference if as the first author. However, the members may be named as co-author of several papers. And those students (generally limited to postgraduate students) who like to make a presentation need a recommendation letter from the supervisor.

(1) Regular Session (oral or poster) Presentations at a Regular Session must be in oral or poster presentation format. Oral presentations of similar themes would be organized into one session (2 hours each) by the Conference Committee. The tentative scheduled oral presentation time will be 30 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion). The best presentation award will be given at the poster presentation.

(2) Thematic Session and (3) Roundtable Session All the members of each society can organize a Thematic Session and a Roundtable Session with several related presentations. Please consider your proposal for these sessions.

(4) Side Event Additionally, to those sessions from (1) to (3), this year especially we will welcome proposals of side event for the conference which are especially related to our conference theme of Refugees/Migrants and Education/Employment. Of course, the main person of the proposal should obtain membership of either society. However, the event itself may engage non-member people or organizations to collaborate actively to have a fruitful place for discussion or presentation on the theme. Since we have so limited time and spaces, those who are willing to apply to this side event should have consultations to the secretariat office before acceptation.

2. Application for Presentation

Before your application, please make sure to read through the guidelines below (For those from JASID also should also refer to Regulation on the Annual and Spring Conference, available at JASID website). All the applications following the guidelines and regulations will be considered for presentation, reviewed by Program Committee of the conference.

(1) Eligibility All the presenters at the conference must be a member of either society generally. If you are not a member and like to present at the conference, you are requested to finish your membership application at either website of JASID or JAHSS and send the application form by post to Secretary Office (not Organizing Committee of the conference) no later than August 15 (Thu).

*If you are going to apply in order to present at the conference, please tell Head Quarter Office about it, before sending an original copy of application form to the office. JASID Head Quarter: / JAHSS Head Quarter:

REMINDER FOR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES If you become a new member, please make sure to pay your annual membership fees no later than August 22 (Thu). The existing members are requested and confirm your payment status of the annual membership fees in the most recent 3 years (from FY2017 to FY2019). And please finish paying the balance if any. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the conference presentation.

(2) Application Procedure All the presenters are requested to register the presentation application and submit the abstract online no later than August 23rd (Fri). The online registration and submission started on July 18th.

Abstract Submission For reviewing your abstract and editing the conference proceedings, please submit the abstract of your presentation following the form at conference website. The length of the abstract is 400 words(Please use the counter before filling the form)and write in your presentation language. If you like to organize a Thematic Session, Roundtable Session or Side Event proposal, please submit the outline of your session including a list of the presenters. Kindly edit the outline and all the presentation abstract at your session into a form. All of your abstract that follows this guideline will be considered for presentation and the result will be announced by Program Committee of the conference (at the end of September).

Paper Submission If your abstract is accepted for presentation, please submit your paper online no later than October 27 (Sun). Remember to follow the format as well as the further guideline available on your member page. The format of a paper will be available around the end of August. The length of the paper is 4-10 pages of A4 size and write in your presentation language. If you like to write a full paper of 10-16 pages long, submit the full paper together with the 4-page long summary paper.

Please note that your paper will be the official record of your presentation at the conference.

The Joint International Conference of JASID and JAHSS 2019 (The 30th Anniversary Conference of JASID)

The University of Tokyo, Komaba I Campus Professor Yasunobu Sato (President) Associate Professor Yuichi Sekiya (Secretary General) Contact:

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