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2023 Annual Conference, Kobe University

We are pleased to announce that the website is opened for the 13th Annual Conference of the JAHSS, held on December 2nd-3rd [Sat-Sun], 2023, which is hosted by Kobe University, Hyogo, Japan. In principle, we will hold this year's conference in person.

- Deadline of Call for Papers: August 31st, 2023 (Closed: Thank you for your submission!)

Please send abstracts (250 words max.) with necessary information (your name, e-mail, JAHSS membership, affiliation, position, academic degree, presentation type, presentation title, and keywords) to the following e-mail address. Please use the Application Form that you can obtain from the Conference website.

Submit to: jahss.2023[at]

* change [at] to @

In this year's Conference, in addition to the oral presentations, we are also inviting submissions for poster presentations. The outstanding poster presentation will be awarded the Best Poster Presentation Award. Although the working language of the annual conference is English, presentations in Japanese are also welcome for poster presentations. Undergraduate students are also eligible to participate in the poster presentations.

- Registration: Please click the button marked "Register Now" on the top page (Deadline: November 24th, 2023).

We will update all the necessary information regarding the conference by both conference website and JAHSS ML.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person in December.


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